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How do I become a patient?

The most convenient way is to click on the become a patient tab on this site and fill out the simple application form. Sansara will then contact you to schedule the free, one-hour initial visit. After both Dr. Varshney and you determine that Sansara is a good fit, a payment plan is agreed upon and your relationship with Sansara begins immediately.

Will insurance cover my care?

Sansara is an independent practice and not part of a health network or system, and does not accept insurance. However, the membership fee model of Sansara allows for flexibility in customizing the doctor-patient relationship to each individual’s situation and the time needed. Many members see Sansara as a value-added investment in their well-being.

What if I need care after-hours or in an emergency?

After hours between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. or on weekends you may call Dr. Varshney with urgent or emergency care questions and she will recommend next steps. If you experience a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911.

Can I continue to see specialists?

Yes, you can continue to see specialists as needed. In her role as your primary care physician, Dr. Varshney will need to communicate with any specialists you see in order to coordinate your overall care. If Dr. Varshney determines that you need specialty care, she will refer you to a trusted specialist with whom she has a relationship. Specialist fees are not included in your Sansara membership.

Does Sansara offer immunizations?

Sansara does not currently offer immunizations. Most immunizations, such as for flu, Covid-19, pneumonia, and shingles, can be obtained at pharmacies. Dr. Varshney will call to verify that your pharmacy has the vaccine in stock. If you need other kinds of immunizations, Dr. Varshney will recommend an appropriate source or provider.

Does Sansara offer rapid tests for strep, flu, and Covid-19?

Yes, these rapid tests are available during an office visit with Dr. Varshney.

Will Sansara make recommendations about diet, lifestyle, and fitness?

Yes, Dr. Varshney will advise you about these areas as you are interested. If your main concerns are simply high-quality care and preferential access, Sansara is still the right fit for you. At its core, Sansara is an individualized primary care practice, which may be all you require.